Brighten Your Day with Zoom Teeth Whitening: A Painless Path to Whiter Teeth

Tooth stains accumulate over time from household food and beverages such as coffee/tea, wine and adverse habits such as smoking. There may be several reasons for making teeth look dull and out of colour compromising the way you smile, talk or present yourself in social circles. Well, you no longer have to hide that beautiful smile anymore.

Zoom whitening is industry leading, scientifically proven and time tested technology. It is the #1 patient requested professional whitening brand in the United States. The results are clinically validated, reliable and because every in-office Zoom treatment is performed by a dental professional, rest assured that it is safe and appropriate for you.

The Procedure

Zoom whitening effectively bleaches accumulated stains without affecting the integrity of your tooth enamel. The in-office procedure lasts for an hour where the dental professional will isolate sections of your teeth and apply hydrogen peroxide gel. Next, the gel is activated using light from the Zoom Advanced Power Lamp. And walla! You walk out with beautiful pearly whites just like that.


Some patients may experience transient sensitivity right after the procedure. The dental professional will apply a desensitizing gel to remedy this. If you need maintenance touch-ups from time to time, our office will fabricate instant whitening trays for you. Zoom’s at-home whitening gel has proven very effective in maintaining results to patient satisfaction

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