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Dr. Niosha Daneshvar

Principal Dentist

Dr. Niosha, a distinguished Toronto dentist, is delighted to share her recent honor as one of the “40 Under 40” outstanding professionals, a prestigious recognition awarded by the esteemed NYC Journal. This honor not only highlights her significant contributions to the field of dentistry but also exemplifies her steadfast dedication to providing exemplary dental care. 

Dr. Niosha’s achievements have positioned her as a leader in her field, where her innovative approaches and commitment to patient care continue to enhance the dental health standards within the Toronto community. Her recognition by the NYC Journal celebrates her professional excellence and reaffirms her role as a pivotal figure in advancing dental practices and patient satisfaction.


Dr. Vincent Hua

Associate Dentist

Dr. Vincent Hua is an alumnus of Western University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences, achieving distinction. He continued his educational journey at the University of Toronto, receiving a Doctor of Dental Surgery with honors. In the realm of dentistry, Dr. Vincent is distinguished by his commitment to providing personalized care, curating both comfort and trust while creating beautiful smiles that reflect the essence of each patient.

Renowned for his meticulous approach and compassionate demeanor, Dr. Vincent epitomizes the pinnacle of refined dental care. Renowned not merely for his dental excellence, he also possesses a remarkable ability to transform every appointment into a welcoming experience for his patients. His expertise extends beyond technical precision as he creates a sanctuary-like atmosphere, ensuring that patients are not only seen and heard but also deeply valued.

With Dr. Vincent, dental appointments transcend mere treatment of the teeth; they involve cultivating wellness from within. Whether managing routine examinations or executing complex procedures, he integrates each session with clear communication, meticulous explanation, and a sincere interest in the lives of those he serves. His approach ensures that every encounter is not just about improving dental health but also about fostering a sense of assurance and well-being. This commitment to compassion and understanding elevates each visit, making D on E Dental not only a place for exceptional dental care but also a haven where every patient’s true smile is realized.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Vincent’s life is rich with pursuits that complement his professional ethos. Whether exploring Toronto’s vibrant food scene, engaging with mixed martial arts, or caring for his two rescue cats, his passions reflect his diverse interests and continual learning.

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