$49 Exam &
Dental X-Ray*

*New patients only.

Feeling like something is not quite right in your mouth? Or maybe you just have a question? Why not come see us and let us take care of you. We’ll take a look and go from there.

Stressed because you don’t have insurance? Let’s take that worry away with our amazing $49 special for a Specific Exam and one X-Ray.

Your smile and health is important, let’s make sure that we don’t let anything get in the way of that.

The exam allows us to see what exactly is happening that is concerning you. The x-ray allows us to see what we can’t we the naked eye. We look beneath the gums and into the root of the tooth to make sure everything is a-ok. After the exam we’ll give you a treatment plan. Our Treatment Coordinator, Rita will discuss the treatment with you, answer any of your questions, and help you out financially – if that’s what you need. We’re all about transparency here. No hidden fees or cloudy explanations. Have questions or concerns? Ask away!

We want you to smile and make it as easy for you as possible to get the treatment that you need. We ensure to have available providers on site so that you are not waiting months and months for your treatment.

Nothing to worry about here.

Let’s book you in.

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What People Are Saying

Joan McGivney
Joan McGivney
A great experience as always. Thank you Dr Vincent.
Richard McLaughlin
Richard McLaughlin
I have been having my teeth cleaned and checked by Jenny for years now. Her observation of the smallest of changes to my oral health/condition is amazing. I take great comfort knowing that she is “on the case”.
Nikta Akbari
Nikta Akbari
Such an amazing office and friendly staff
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